Lighter Self



Welcoming the Changes of Fall

After a warm, energizing and buoyant summer, we are finally starting to feel the weather changing into a calm, quiet and inward fall. The tree leaves are finally turning into...


Affirmation for the Weekend!

Losing weight is not just about eating healthy! Let’s strengthen our emotional states so we can make better choices to heal our lives! I welcome change with gratitude and excitement...


Affirmation for the Weekend!

I choose to accept and feel my feelings deeply within my heart, reaching for the stars even if fear arises because I know that the opportunities to expand are limitless,...


Affirmation for the Weekend!

Affirmation for the weekend: I came into this world to experience life with abundance, love and happiness. Thus, I choose to feed my body with love, attention, care, peace of mind, harmony, balance and...


Affirmation for the Weekend

I am aware that my body is my temple, and I choose to take care of it because I love and accept myself unconditionally, I am aware that I am...